Dewy Face Moisturizer - Co Q10 Cream to Gel

Innovative formula gives this cream a wonderful gel application when in contact with the skin. Leaves the skin hydrated and covered with antioxidants without being greasy. A light moisturizer suitable for all ages. Wonderful smell, filled with liposomes for highest hydration.

USE: 2X day, over serum, before makeup or all alone.


CoQ10                                                                                    Rose Abs

Vitamin B,C and E oil-certified organic                                     Hazelnut

Lactic Acid                                                                              Rosehip

SalButter-organic                                                                    Apricot Kern

Astaxanthin                                                                             Evening Primrose

Carrot Seed



Water, propanediol, sodium acrylates copolymer, lecithin, caprylhydroxamic acid, glycerol caprylate, glycerine

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Dewy Face Moisturizer - Co Q10 Cream to Gel