Pregnancy Package

Buy or gift. The perfect grouping of amazing, natural products. When you are pregnant, you need specific safe products that are effective. But no one wants to trade in effective for medicinal. We have a grouping of products that will make you feel pampered, but work to bring your body back to its prepregnant state. Developed by an Ob/Gyn who is also a Momma.

Save 15 % with pregnancy package.

1. Momma Belly-stretch mark essential oils and therapy

2. Hippy Nippy- breast balm for damaged, irritated breastfeeding nipples.

3. Tush Repair-diaper balm for irritated, sensitive baby butt skin

4. Bacuchiol  in rosehip oil-use on face in pregnancy. retin-A alternative. Prevents and treats skin breakouts, melasma, skin problems in pregnancy.

5. What's Hurting You- The most amazing low back, muscle, restless leg treatment in pregnancy.

      Rub anywhere that hurts, especially the low back and shoulders.

6. Buzz Off- Essential Oil combination that is safe in pregnancy to avoid mosquitoes and tick bites.  

      Use to prevent Zika and West Nile and other vector born illnesses. Smells great. Good for 

       children also.

7. Fanny Fix- The Mojo for hemorrhoid treatment during pregnancy and after delivery. No need for 

     Roid Rage.

Pregnancy is special. We make special products for you.

Pregnancy Package